Why struggle any longer or wonder how you can make the change that you truly desire? Why wait for change to come when you can make it happen... RIGHT NOW?  

At Extraordinary Change Hypnosis, our mission is to give clients Extraordinary and rapid change right from their first hypnosis session.  

We all know that change doesn't just magically happen.  We all know how hard it is to change, especially on our own.  More than that, we know how easy it is to start to change and then lose focus and slip back to what was - instead of what we wanted.   

Well, THERE IS AN EASY WAY.  At Extraordinary Change Hypnosis... with the snap of a finger you can open your eyes and wake up changed, enriched, improved and happy.

Corrin Matthews C.Ht. is a NGH Certified Master Hypnotherapisand Sports Mental Coach.  For 13 years she has successfully worked with community groups and programs, businesses, individuals and athletes across the United States and the United Kingdom for professional and personal self- improvement and development.

Whether you're looking to super charge your athletic performance, gain the superior edge in your mental game,  quit smoking or other dissatisfying habits, lose weight, gain instant confidence, maximize your motivation, eliminate stress, minimize and manage pain, stop procrastination, recover from injury faster, get better sleep, figure out where you are going in life or anything else that the subconscious mind controls, Corrin can and will bring about extraordinary results.  



Corrin Matthews, C.Ht.  is a NGH Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Sports Mental Coach.  She received her BA in Psychology from Rochester Institute of Technology and her Certifications as a Master Hypnotist and Sports Mental Coach from Hypnosis Motivation Institute.  Her passion for hypnosis, healing and enriching the lives of others is never ending.  She continuously enhances her education and stays current with new developments in the field of hypnosis, steadily developing her unique technique in providing rapid and extraordinary change for the clients.  

Corrin's training, experience, and record of achievement has placed her in great demand as a motivator, specialist and athletic secret weapon.  

Her passion is to see your dreams come true, and without delay!



It's important to understand that there are people who "can do hypnosis" and professionals who are "certified Hypnotherapists".  There is a huge difference in their skill, ability, training and professionalism. After all you are asking them to help you change something directly in your life and exposing them to your mind.  Ask for their certification. Especially for athletes you should only trust a Professional Hypnotherapist who is Certified in Sports Hypnosis and Mental Coaching. Again, ask for their certification.