“I met with Corrin for the first time in early December 2017. I have not smoked since. I am in my early 50’s. I had smoked cigarettes on and off (mostly on) for years. I tried to quit a number of times. On a whim, I called Corrin. She moved quickly to get me in to get started. I followed the process she prescribed. It was logical and easy. Generally, I describe myself as a realist. I was skeptical but willing. I was also concerned that Corrin, based on her profile and background would try to provide religious counseling, which I was not interested in. She did not! I feel that she was able to assess my needs and interests well. It worked for me. I found her to be likable, professional, respectful and astute.”


“I was feeling lost when I came to Corrin and I had lost my faith. I called and left a message with the first hypnotherapist I could find, Corrin Matthews. She got back to be in less than 24 hours, which seemed rather fast, and she spoke to me with the kindest voice which immediately gave her my trust.

After meeting with her for only a couple sessions, my life did change. I did not know what to expect from hypnosis because I’d never been hypnotized before, but I could see the positive effects the sessions had on my life as soon as I left her office.

She is a vibrant, calming, welcoming woman who allows you into her home, and into her heart because she genuinely wants to help. I always felt as if Corrin would call me to check up on me at just the right time when I needed someone to talk to, and every phone call and every session she took her time on me thoroughly listening to my every thought and teaching me more about my faith which I will be forever grateful for.

I believe that anyone and everyone could benefit from speaking with this woman, and having a session with her. I truly thought I would be broken forever from what was haunting my spirit and my mind, and now I am stronger and happier and I have learned from what has happened to me in my life and have learned a lot from letting go of the past. I wasn’t even going to her to quit cigarettes, but I ended up quitting cigarettes forever because of Corrin as well.

There are so many great things that have come about in my life all because I simply asked for help, meeting Corrin will positively influence your life guaranteed. Thank you, Corrin.”


“What a mighty woman of God. She has given me ownership over my issues and the ability to make the changes now. The difference in her therapy is she lead me to make the change by professing Gods Word into my own life. What a blessing meeting Corrin has been. Gods word is there, but it takes a strong council sometimes to call on it effectively.”


“I had an issue in my life… a bad habit actually. If I didn’t get it under control, it would not be good for my well-being or my health. On my own, I was handling the problem fairly well and with success, but on more than a few occasions, I would let the habit get the best of me… and while that may be OK for some people, with me it was not accept-able. When I saw Corrin’s ad on Facebook, I decided to give it try. I am glad that I did because it was a terrific experience. Corrin was really professional and I felt totally comfortable explaining my dilemma to her. She was very open and understanding without judging. Once we started the hypnosis session I was completely at peace and thoroughly relaxed. After our session ended, I felt energetic and filled with happiness. I had a bounce in my step that was missing for a while. Needless to say, I feel that the issue has been resolved. In fact, I was so impressed that I made another appointment with Corrin regarding solutions to better deal with stress. It’s been a few weeks and I feel really, really good about things and I owe a lot of that to Corrin and her hypnosis practice. I would recommend this to anyone with one caveat… you have to want to change your habits or solve your problems. If you have that desire, I have no doubt Corrin can help you out. She has definitely helped me out!”

D. Meyers