Quit smoking

Smoking cessation hypnosis is the quickest and easiest way to stop smoking.  Especially for anyone with serious health risks or who needs to quit smoking but is having great difficulty. 

We specialize in rapid smoking cessation without medication, risks, side effects, withdrawal symptoms or weight gain!!! The results are long lasting and most often permanent. The process is very easy, non-invasive, inexpensive and absolutely safe. Our success rate over the last 14 years & hundreds of clients is 94%. 

Many doctors often refer their patients to us for this service because what we offer is a profoundly efficient and better way to help their patients quit smoking immediately. 

At Extraordinary Change Hypnosis we are here to be a lifesaving, life-changing resource for you. We are committed to providing superior service and we do guarantee the results that our clients gain. Nearly every client tells us that they found hypnosis made quitting easier that they ever imagined. 

Reasons why you should quit - just to name a few…

Expecting mothers, current mothers, and all women everywhere…

·       Have safer pregnancies and deliver healthier babies

·       Increase the odds of getting pregnant if you planning to have a baby

·       Reduce the risk of blood clots, heart disease, strokes, and many different cancers

·       Set the examples you want your children to follow


Pulmonary and Cardiac patients

·       Reverse the damage already done by smoking – improve lung function, stop wheezing

·       Prevent breathing illnesses – asthma, bronchitis, COPD, emphysema

·       Reduce the risk of lung disease, heart disease and heart attacks

·       Prevent hardening of your arteries

·       Reduce the risk of many different cancers

·       Prepare for or recover faster from crucial and lifesaving surgeries



·       Live longer, healthier lives

·       Smell better,  look better and feel better

·       Taste things that way they should taste!

·       Breathe easier – go up and down the stairs without getting winded!

·       Increase your overall energy and endurance – have fun again

·       Be there to see your kids grow up, get married and give you loveable grand kids to spoil!

·       Save thousands of dollars & spend it on something that gives you life rather that takes it

·       Don’t repeat the misery & suffering that you have seen loved ones go through

·       No more social stigma – become more approachable and attractive

         ·       Take control over your life away from cigarettes 

What you should know about hypnosis for weight loss

 There is no magic way to drop lots of pounds over night, aside from risky surgeries.  Hypnosis works to help you lose weight as effectively as dieting and exercise.  But here is why hypnosis is the secret weapon that propels clients over the hump or gives them that jump start to weight loss they want.  It helps by targeting and immediately changing the things cause a client to gain weight so that their weight loss can be more rapid.  It also keeps clients highly motivated long term.

 Here are a few examples of how hypnosis helps take off the pounds.

·       Stop snacking or eating late

·       Eliminate cravings – chocolate, sweets, carbs, salt

·       Get energized – Feel alive again

·       Increase desire to work out or become active in general – move your body

·       Portion control

·       Feel fuller sooner

·       Speed up your metabolism

·       Make it easy for you to stick with your diet or exercise plan/routine

·       Life-style shift

·       Time management

·       Laziness in general

·       Jump start and super charge motivation to lose weight in the first place


The one thing that hypnosis can not help.

·       Medications or medical conditions that cause weight gain


As you can probably tell, hypnosis for effective weight loss requires a combination of specific suggestions based each and every individual client’s life and circumstances. 

 The question we get asked often is how many appointments does it take.  The answer is simply, that depends on you, your lifestyle, your starting point and your goals regarding what you want to accomplish by using hypnosis.  Some clients get the results they want in just two sessions, while some complete their goals in ten. Together we create a plan that works for you.

 In any case, hypnosis for weight loss makes losing weight easier than ever.