Personal improvement and enrichment: There are hundreds of things that people desire to change in order to live a more satisfying life. A very general list includes stress management, fears, phobias, habits, negative behaviors, thoughts, memory issues or memories, feelings, mood, motivation, focus, procrastination, distraction, energy level, pain management, goal attainment, test taking, preparing for birth, and competitive drive.  Even for children there are uses, such as correcting bed wetting, post traumatic stress, managing ADD with or without medication and stopping nightmares. Anything that has a foundation within the subconscious mind can be adjusted or changed through hypnosis to bring about desired changes in any individual’s life or career.

Athletic performance and enhancement: Hypnosis can eliminate and completely block hesitation, frustration or distractions, increase laser-like focus and really “get you in the zone.” It can give you a competitive edge by enhancing your mental game, minimize and manage pain, help injuries recover faster and can correct muscle memory that leads to repetitive mistakes.  It can be used for athletes of any level, whether a weekend warrior, a little league coach trying to get the most out of his or her players, a high school and college athlete with a lot to gain or a semi-pro or big league player looking to maximize their performance or even break records.

Business / Scholastic events: Hypnosis is often used for experiential hypnosis seminars for employee enrichment, team building, getting motivated, eliminating and managing stress, eliminating procrastination, getting focused, and enhancing creative thinking.  Additionally Corrin offers a discount rate for employees of companies who sign up to provide hypnosis services for employees individually or in groups, and she is always glad to be a guest speaker.

Long Distance: For individuals and athletes, Corrin can conduct private hypnosis sessions by phone or web conference.

Entertainment: General hypnosis for private party entertainment.


Corrin produces custom personalized hypnosis CDs because clients often notice immediate changes and would like to be able to maintain those changes long term.  These can also be used as a booster program between appointments.