Sports Hypnosis & Mental Coaching

Corrin specializes in Sports Hypnotherapy and Mental coaching. To date she has achieved 100% success for every single athletic client.  It’s important to note that she is a certified Sports Mental Coach (Sports Hypnotherapist) with such a successful track record.  This is important to understand because while all hypnotists can perform hypnosis for a wide variety of things, certain fields (such as sports hypnotherapy) require specialized training. Promising athletic careers should only be trusted to a professional.

Athletes have a lot to gain no matter what level they play at.  They have a passionate need and thorough desire to play harder, better, faster, stronger and last longer.  That’s why the very best of the best athletes and coaches worldwide have used hypnosis and meditation to achieve major milestones or to improve performance overall, either as individuals or entire teams. Although this knowledge is new to some people, Sports Hypnosis is nothing new.  It has been used as far back as the Greek Olympics. The best athletes the world has ever known have all invested greatly into developing their competitive edge and secret weapon, referred to as their “mental game.”  They used sports hypnotherapy in various forms.


What can sports hypnosis do for you?

·       Increase endurance and stamina, both mentally and physically

·       Recover from injury faster

·       Block distraction - completely

·       Eliminate hesitation, frustration and fear - completely

·       Manage pain

·       Increase motivation and athletic prowess

·       Improve performance - overall or in very targeted specific ways

·       Program your mind for success

·       Correct muscle memory, performance habits and behaviors

·       Focus attention like a laser and get “in the zone”

·       Remove anxiety - automatically and instantly

·       Improve your sports style

·       Lose or gain weight

·       Increase opportunities to gain: scholarships, draft picks, larger contracts


How it works

Sports Hypnotherapy is mental coaching.  It affects athletic performance enhancement on a subconscious level, mentally, physically and emotionally. It trains your mind and body to engage in playing your sport instinctively and accurately every time you make a play.  Sports hypnosis really can demonstrate its power when it is used “on the spot” which really counts when you are about to make or are in the middle of a crucial play.


Having a strong mental game is a major competitive advantage

If you do your homework and study the truly unstoppable athletic champions… I mean the truly best of the best such as Michael Jordon, Wayne Gretzky, Rod Carew, George Brett, Damion Easley, Mark Macguire and Tiger Woods you will discover that they have been quoted repetitively as stating that focusing on honing their mental game is their true secret of success.


Research any sport and you will no doubt discover that the best of the best used sports hypnosis.  Here is a “short” list of athletes, coaches and teams who have used or retained a Sports hypnotist.


New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Los Angeles Raiders, New York Islanders, Dallas Cowboys, Florida Marlins, New York Rangers, Oakland A’s

Olympic teams: United States, China and Russia, The entire 1983 Chicago White Sox team used hypnosis to help win their division and reach the playoffs that year.


Steve Collins – won the Super Middleweight title, Nigel Benn – won the WBC Super Middleweight champion, Mike Tyson – toughest boxer just about ever, Ken Norton – used hypnosis to gain his victory over the great Mohammed Ali, Sylvester Stalone – used hypnosis to train for the “Rocky” movies, Frank Bruno – super heavyweight champion and Kevin McBride – heavyweight boxing champion


Jack Nicklaus, Lee Travino, Arnold Palmer, Ben Crenshaw – 2 time Masters Champion, Tiger Woods (before the divorce), and Gaganjeet Bhullar qualified for the 2009 British Open by using hypnosis to program himself with a winning mindset.


Andre Agassi, Roger Federer and Jimmy Connors used hypnosis in winning the U.S. Open Championship.



Michael Jordan, Shaquille Oneal, Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson insists that the Chicago Bulls practiced daily self-hypnosis when he coached Michael Jordan and the Bulls to their 6 NBA Championships.



Greg Louganis  - most famous Olympic diver of all time to date.



Wayne Gretzky


Body Building

Lee Haney – won the title of Mr. Olympia 8 times and Mike Christian – won Mr. America and Mr. Universe titles.



Lee Evans - 400-meter Olympic champion and world-record holder, Adam Malysz – Olympic Bronze Medalist ski champion, Mary Lou Retton – Olympic Gold Medalist in Gymnastics, and Alison Rodger – Shot Put Champion and Olympian